Mullumbimby Chiropractic is one of the Northern Rivers most established clinics. We have been providing high quality chiropractic care to the people and visitors of the Northern Shire since 1984.

Being part of Mullumbimby Health Centre’s integrative approach is very exciting. It’s a thrill to see people, who thought they had to limit the way they live their lives, open up to the possibility that they may have lost less function than they initially feared.

Mullumbimby Chiropractic makes use of a variety of styles and techniques but our core focus is using the tried and tested method of manual chiropractic adjustments with soft tissue releases and massage of the affected joints and surrounding tissues.

It is this author’s opinion that some of the chiropractic profession has “been lost along the way” by turning its back on some of the older traditional body work techniques (such as deep tissue work) in their quest for greater efficiency. Unfortunately this does not always benefit the patient. This is why, at Mullumbimby Chiropractic, we like to incorporate these traditional techniques.

Mullum Integral health is now proud to announce that Brent is now offering 2 hour body work sessions which are known as Chiro Cranial Combo’s.

These extra long treatments involved a combination of modalities including Deep tissue massage, Crania dural membrane release work and some chiropractic adjustments thrown in as well.

The focus of these treatments is to release old adhesions in the tissues that have built up over the years.

Brent has a belief that one of the key elements in reducing muscle tension is focus on ligaments. Often overlooked because they don’t actively contract like muscles, ligaments are rich in nerve receptors and stimulating these deep structures can have a huge affect on your wellbeing.

The treatment starts with a relaxation massage, moves to dural release work and moves to deep trigger point work on the Traps, Sacro-iliac joint, deep hip extensors such as piriformis and then any chiropractic adjustments and cranial work is performed. The treatment concludes with ligament releases of the foot, a key structure in providing information to our nervous system.

The Chiro/Cranial combos are currently offered at Mullum Integral Health on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 5pm and Saturday afternoons at 2pm.

The cost is $160 for approximately 2 hours. To book or for further information please call Mullum Integral health on 66841028 or Brent on 0400993641. Full Health fund rebates still apply.

To learn more about Mullumbimby chiropractic or to fill in one of our client registration forms please click here.

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