Tips to Prevent Back Injuries

Tip 1: Use Correct Lifting Techniques

Bend your knees and use the muscles of your legs not the muscles of your back and remember to always maintain a neutral spine.





Tip 2: Avoid Performing Repetitive Activities

When performing repetitive activities or diving for long periods of time take a break and stretch every few hours.





Tip 3: Exercise On a Regular Basis

Maintain a healthy weight and incorporate exercises to increase your core and back strength, try our pilates classes or a personal training session to kick start you fitness.




Tip 4: Reduce Stress

Stress causes you to tense your muscles and constant tension of this kind can cause back pain, try a regular Massage and Chiropractic treatment. Remember prevention is better then the cure.




Tip 5: Maintain Proper Posture

Be sure to work at an ergonomically correct workstation, both at the office and at home and take regular breaks with stretching and exercises.

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