We believe that combining all three modalities we can offer you the most up to date treatments to assist with your specific health conditions:



With our Chiropractic treatments the aim is to restore correct function and balance and to optimise your health and ability. Often Chiropractic treatments are only considered when someone is experiencing acute pain. It is much more beneficial to address issues associated with pain in the early stages to avoid pain exacerbating to levels that become debilitating.




It is well researched that tight muscles can have an impact on functional health. Often the causes of excessively tight muscles can relate to stresses imposed on the body due to a busy lifestyle. At Mullumbimby Integral Health we suggest that a regular massage will help prevent stress related muscle tightness and help decrease related ongoing symptoms.




Most conditions are caused by muscle imbalances which relates to either a weakness of tightness in the opposing muscle structure. At Mullumbimby Integral Health we suggest that you have an assessment to develop an exercise programme to address these issues which will help to correct these imbalances. The exercise prescription will often incorporate a strong pilates focus and tailored for your specific needs.



Muscular skeletal alignment through Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue muscle release work, soft tissue Massages to decrease muscular tension and improve flexibility, and Private or Group Personal Training to increase strength, stamina and mobility.

This combined approach, referred to as integral health, improves the quality and efficiency of the care we provide. The added benefit of Mullum fitness is that your new structure stays at its optimal alignment due to increased stability.

We abide by a strong sense of professional ethics. Our practitioners are experienced, well qualified, insured and members of their relevant associations (such as the Chiropractic Association of Australia, Australian Association of Massage Therapists, Fitness Australia and Exercise & Sports Science Australia).

We aim to get the best result for you in the minimum number of visits. You will not receive un-welcome follow-up calls or be pressured regarding your personal choices.

To make an appointment with Brent (Chiropractor), Max (Personal Trainer) or Sherri (Massage Therapist) please phone us on 66841028. You can find us at 110 Dalley Street in Mullumbimby.

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